Medicross Medical has teamed up with Metacare Australia to make it easier for our GPs to connect our patients with the right Allied Health professionals.

Metacare Australia is a healthcare platform with a passion for improving patient outcomes through optimised GP referral pathways. Their focus is on empowering GPs to quickly and easily connect their patients with the best possible care, while reducing the burden on Primary Practice and Hospital systems.


For the Patient

A streamlined and personalised healthcare experience, as they are matched with the right practitioner to suit their needs and preferences, resulting in better health outcomes and overall satisfaction. The Patient also has easier access to a wide range of Allied Health services, leading to improved continuity of care.

For the GP

Reduced time burden, simple and automated referral system, making referrals easier. Better patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

For the Practice

Reduced administrative burdens and streamlined referral processes, freeing up staff time and reducing costs. Improved patient outcomes and satisfaction also lead to increased patient retention and practice growth.

All 13 disciplines of Allied Health Practitioners noted on a Chronic Disease management plan are available for CDM/EPC, DVA and WorkCover referrals via the Metacare Australia program.

All Allied Health Practitioners provide a comprehensive profile which identifies their specialities, treatment modalities, location, cultural competency, billing information and much more. MCA uses this information and the information you provide on the patient referral to match the patient to the Allied Health Practitioner that is best suited to them.

Metacare takes patient confidentiality and data privacy very seriously. We are fully compliant with all relevant privacy regulations and have implemented robust security measures to protect patient data. We also provide regular training to our Allied Health practitioners to ensure they are aware of their obligations and responsibilities regarding patient confidentiality and data privacy.

Metacare has a strict quality assurance process in place to ensure that all Allied Health practitioners meet our high standards of care. We also conduct regular audits and seek feedback from patients to ensure our practitioners are providing the highest quality care possible.

Metacare is committed to working closely with GPs to ensure continuity of care for their patients. We provide regular updates and feedback to GPs regarding their patients’ progress, and we encourage open communication between our practitioners and GPs to ensure that all patient needs are being met. We also provide educational resources and training to GPs to ensure they are fullv informed about the services we offer.

There is no cost for patients, G’s or Medical Practices to use Metacare. We also offer a free trial period for Allied Health practitioners to join the platform. After the trial period, there is a small fee to join our network, which includes access to our patient reterral system, support services, and other benefits.