Onsen Ma: Soaking and shiatsu

The Japanese call hot springs “onsen”, but they also use this word to describe the spas and bathing facilities that are found scattered all throughout the country, from scenic mountain resorts to the cramped streets of its biggest cities.
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Eating for a healthy heart

There is a lot of misinformation about what foods are or aren’t heart-healthy, so it may surprise you to learn that you don’t need exotic fruits, imported nuts, or even pricey supplements to take care of your heart.
By making smart c… …read more

5 grab-and-go lunches for work

Taking your own lunch to work can feel like a hassle. You need to plan it in advance, get out of bed earlier to prepare it – and after all that, you might leave it sitting on the kitchen bench all day!
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Food to fuel your snow trip

A trip to the snow is one of the most magical winter experiences. Whether it’s to ski and snowboard or just to wander and play, the glistening mountains are the perfect place to get active in nature.
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Healthy school lunchbox ideas

A healthy lunchbox goes beyond just filling hungry tummies. It also helps to keep kids focused, alert and fueled with the nutrition needed for growing bodies.
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A guide to good guts

We are far from alone. On every available outer and inner surface of our bodies, throughout all our pores and membranes, lives a staggering array of bacteria.
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Green pasta recipe

Serves: 2
½ packet of quinoa/brown rice spiral pasta
Pinch of salt
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoon basil olive tapenade
½ cup frozen green peas
1 handful of micro greens
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What are macronutrients?

Macronutrients are some of the essential building blocks of a healthy diet. We need them to feel energetic and strong, and for our bodies to grow, function and perform at their best.
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The 7 best sleep apps

1. Relax Melodies
FREE – iOS, Android
Lull yourself to sleep with a custom blend of relaxing music and natural sounds. Relax Melodies gives you a huge selection of high quality, mix-and-match ambient soundscapes, so you can choose your favouri… …read more