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6 healthy and delicious lunch ideas
Some days a tuna salad in the lunchroom just doesn’t cut it. Mix up your workplace lunch with these creative and healthy ideas from Accredited Practising Dietitian Jenna Obeid.
Will the real s… …read more

Employee of the Month December – Margarette Harris

Congratulations to Margarette from Medicross Jimboomba and North Maclean for receiving employee of the month for December. Margarette has been awarded employee of the month for her commitment to her position and dedication to both Jimboomba and North Maclean. She is always cheerful and consistently looks for ways to make patients feel comfortable while they wait to see the doctor.

The history of glasses

Ever pondered who invented the first pair of spectacles or glasses? If you think about it, for tens of thousands of years, even the most primitive homosapiens must have observed how items at the bottom of a still pond or clear river seemed weirdly cl… …read more

Running with a forefoot strike

Do you feel like you are always running into a headwind and you turn up the iPod volume to drown out the pounding on the pavement? It may be that a conditioning program for your posterior and a tweak to your running style could significantly reduce y… …read more

Perfect meatloaf recipe

Serves: 8
500 g beef mince
500 g pork mince
1 tablespoon smoked paprika
3 leeks, washed well, rough green ends removed
olive oil
1 red onion, finely diced
125 g hickory-smoked streaky bacon, diced
2 garlic cloves, crushed
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Choosing aged care accomodation

The media focuses on the struggles and challenges of our younger generations to move out of home. With property prices and the cost of living on the rise, taking that next step is becoming an unforeseeable goal for many.
But what about another gener… …read more

Exploring New York City on foot

New York is a city like no other. Making countless cameos in literature and film, art and drama, it’s captured the hearts and minds of many – but for some, it can seem a daunting destination.
Breaking it down by the borough, author and t… …read more

Teriyaki salmon recipe

Serves: 2
1 × 450 g piece of skinless salmon fillet (or ocean trout), pin bones removed, cut into 2cm slices
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 spring onions, finely sliced, to serve
Teriyaki sauce
120 ml mirin
3 tablespoons sake
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How to stay hydrated

Humble water, fresh from the tap, is a quaint throwback to schoolyard days and summer holidays spent at grandparents’ houses. Jars recycled as glasses and water from the tap have given way to trendy, new age drinks, providing an ever increasing… …read more

The best things to do in Toronto

1. CN Tower EdgeWalk
Most people feel that they haven’t been to Toronto without a trip to the top of the CN Tower – and I agree. However, there is a new and incredible way to explore this landmark while visiting. Why not walk around the circ… …read more

Natural after-sun remedies

Summer in Australia brings long, warm days and more opportunities to enjoy the sunshine outdoors. From the Chinese medicine perspective, this is the most Yang time of year.
In contrast to the slower, more inward pace of winter’s Yin, our… …read more

A wander through NoHo and NoLita

Bespoke, artisanal, vintage, limited edition. Welcome to NoLita and NoHo, where the stores that set the benchmark for quality and originality reside. There’s vintage fashion for the collector, interior design spaces to die for, antiques, handcr… …read more

Trek NZ

Last year I walked 3000 km from one end of New Zealand to the other. Hiking along remote beaches, dense forests, volcanic desert, crossing hundreds of rivers and climbing many high alpine mountain ranges was both spectacular and life changing.
I had… …read more